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The Glen Facts

What Is a CCRC?

The Glen plans to bring a full-service Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) to Scripps Ranch. This CCRC will offer a comprehensive retirement living option for those over 60, most will be 70's+. This retirement includes a beautiful place to live, convenient services, and access to long term care, if needed. The Scripps Ranch location is south of Pomerado, between Chabad and Alliant University, deeply set back from Pomerado.

Pomerado Road
  • Very few seniors drive during peak commute periods, some do not drive at all.
  • The Glen provides off peak shuttles for resident transportation needs.
  • Employee shift times are planned around peak period traffic.
  • Net traffic impact on peak periods is lighter than other approved uses of the land, without contributing to congestion as others would.
  • Nearly 10 acres of Pomerado's scenic corridor are dedicated open space.
  • Only single-story buildings will front within 1,000 feet of Pomerado, no buildings within 650 feet of Pomerado.
  • Pomerado fronting slopes will be similar to nearby residential.
  • All buildings will complement the neighborhood.
  • None of the highest southerly hilltops are on the property.
  • Grading will complete already graded and abandoned cut slopes.
  • Click here to see a before and after view from Pomerado Road based on the proposed design.
Why The Glen Works
  • Scripps Ranch leaders identified a priority need for senior housing with services long ago. The Glen is the quality response Scripps deserves.
  • It will be positioned between two educational/institutional uses - Alliant University and Chabad. The Glen, CCRC, is an institutional use and compatible with its surroundings.
  • The Glen will be the lowest-density CCRC built in San Diego in decades.
  • A similar project, La Costa Glen Carlsbad, is very much like what we envision The Glen at Scripps Ranch to be, except that The Glen will be about 40% smaller. If you'd like to see it for yourself, we’ll arrange your visit!

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